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Downloading Cuisine

The latest source is no longer available online. I have posted with this README:

This is a cvs snapshot of the cuisine project from 2003-08-01. I
developed cuisine past that date, but I am afraid to continue to post
the later versions because of a contract with an employer. 

All files in this distribution are written by Drew Perttula ( except:

where otherwise noted (such as functions indicated with python cookbook urls);

smilconvert/smilconvert, which was written by Kristine Sawyer;

most files in lib/timecode/ (see timecode/README);

I am distributing this version under the the GNU General Public License. See the file COPYING for details.


I used to run the roundup issue tracker, but my instance rotted somehow, and it doesn't seem worth fixing. Please don't design your data storage like roundup did. Please try to make things that last.


I'm on #swig (and other chans) at all the time as drewp.