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This is the main page for Cuisine, an open-source video editing system by Drew Perttula.

2008/12/15 - Fixed broken pages, updated out-of-date information on the download page. Hello to my many Italian readers.

2004/6/26 - Renamed top-level cvs from editor to cuisine. If you have a checkout, try "mv editor cuisine" and "cd cuisine/lib; rm timeline; mv timeline-0.02 timeline; cd ..; cvs update".

2004/3/12 - Sound isn't -that- broken. I just finished off my short video Sleeping Dog which has a two-track sound mix.

2004/2/3 - Hello daily py. How did I end on that page today? Cuisine's sound is more broken than ever at the moment, and I was about to split the libdv interface into its own project to make it easier for people to help me with it. But that's a few days off, since two people have projects due now that need immediate hacked fixes.

2004/1/19 - PyXML 0.8.3 is now supported, and I'm working on making sound work in alsa as well as oss.

2003/5/9 - ViewCVS is up

2003/5/8 - There's an issue tracker for cuisine now.

2003/5/7 - We're working on it, still. PyXML 0.8.2 has a new cache system that makes errors with my usage, so I recommend 0.8.1 until I straighten that out.

2003/2/14 - Giant cleanups on the makefiles. I also ship Spectsoft's timecode library for now, which was an impossible-to-get dependency before. With the current CVS, you can probably build the libdv wrapper and maybe even some of the other Python extensions (if you have all the right libraries).

2003/1/14 - I presented Cuisine to ACCU, focusing on the integration of Python, C, and C++. I've finished transcribing the other talk, so now I need to edit and post it.

2002/12/27 - I've transcribed just about half of my November talk. When I'm done, I'll chop it into sections and post the outline, transcript, and videos online.

2002/12/9 - Working on docs some.

2002/11/25 - Still writing docs. No more coding until everything's documented and packaged.

2002/11/24 - There's still some remaining info on the video editor wiki which isn't anywhere in the documentation.

2002/11/24 - I wrote Cuisine because I needed it. So far, it's been used to log and transcribe seven hours of footage and to cut an 8-minute video. The packaging is still horrible. You probably couldn't even build it, although if you could get it to build, you might be able to edit video. You could also use some of the little utilities to do things like extract timecode from DV files.

2002/11/13 - I just gave a talk for bayPIGgies. Video of the talk will be online as soon as I edit it (using Cuisine, naturally). I will also clean up my notes from the talk and post those.

Incidentally, this website is mostly written in structured text, some of which is stored in Zope's database and some of which is rendered from the Cuisine CVS repository (so you'll get a local copy of it when you checkout the source). The pages are all rendered and served by Zope behind apache.