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tossscreen1.png screenshot showing toss, whip, butter

postersmall.jpg trade show poster

clipbrowse4.jpg mozilla viewing output from whip

demo.desc a sample of my xml that describes a video clip a sample show xml file

clipbrowse.jpg auto-generated page about a clip

singleindex.jpg an auto-generated page for all the clips

timeline6.jpg the timeline UI (a "show xml file editor"), where you can (must, in fact, since there's no file requester) drag-n-drop the links from mozilla and they'll get instantiated here. there's a video screen in a separate window that follows the time cursor

timecode5.jpg i was debugging the "in=00:00:00:00" display. here you can see what the code looks like. "b.intime()" is actually pulling a value from xml, converting it to numbers-with-units, which you're seeing in repr() form on that screenshot. (the xml read is cached to avoid repetitive parsing of the same string).

timeline9.jpg a newer view of the timeline, showing transcript text within the bricks. that text re-wraps as you zoom in and out. the ellipses are an unfortunate optimization to put less text on the canvas, since update rates were getting slow.

timeline10.jpg a not-so-attractive zoomed out view of that timeline

timeline11.png a recent view of the timeline, including a channel (which is being used as the audio level by an audio mixdown effect) and several bricks on several tracks