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This guide explains how to get through some common tasks with Cuisine. The timeline UI is the least solid part of the Cuisine design, and many of the techniques described here are the quick, first implementations. But despite their poor design, they should still be documented.

Capturing footage from a DV source

Importing footage from other systems

Adding marks to clips

Making indices of clips

Adding clips to a show

Navigating the timeline view

Moving and adjusting bricks in the timeline view

Creating an edit in a show

Creating an effect in a show

Mixing audio

Outputting a show to DV

Converting DV to another format


(Yes, these don't show up right in the wiki. Nor are they any good anyhow.)

Alt - preview track that the mouse is over, instead of the normal outputs

? - slice brick into two bricks

~ - delete brick

  • - add a cut point in an edit brick

del - remove the cutpoint to the left of the mouse

+ - add brick to selection

  1. - clear selection

@ - add an audio level curve to brick